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Know Your Why

“Why” is a word that I have heard a lot lately. Our three-year old son has hit the stage that all toddlers seem to hit- where he questions everything with “why?”. I understand that he is like a sponge, learning all kinds of things about the world- but sometimes- if I am being honest- I just want to say “just because” or “because I said so”. Having to explain the reason you are doing (almost) everything can be tiring, however it can be an opportunity to give you time to think about the reasons why you do what you do.

It is easy to go through life without clear direction. We can sometimes get stuck in a rut and get into a routine and the next thing we know, we hit a milestone birthday and we are nowhere near where we thought we would be at that age. Our jobs, careers, health, family and retirement accounts may not reflect where we had once envisioned for ourselves for that age.

When it comes to making a change, we need to be like a three-year old version of ourselves and ask “why?”.

Self-examination is a huge part of self development and progressing towards making our goals a reality.

Know Your Why” is a phrase that I haven’t heard until recently. I like it because it makes you stop and think about our reasons for doing what we are doing.

As it pertains to health and fitness it is important to know the reason(s) why you want to get healthy and fit. What is your motivation? Occasionally I will have clients tell me that they are coming to the gym because their doctor told them they should exercise. While this is a good thing, I think that there should be a deeper reason why you consistently put in the time and effort into eating better and exercising more regularly and intensely. A better reason would be to not only add years to your life, but also life to your years.

Imagine being able to run around and play with your grandkids? How amazing would that be? How about being able to live independently until you are in your nineties?

Sometimes, if I am being honest, I get hung up on wanting to get big and strong and I neglect stretching and mobility like I should. Then, inevitably I get injured or have aches and pains associated with lifting heavy weights. When I back off the heavy weights and do more body weight exercises, functional training and yoga, I feel more supple and my body feels younger.

I have to remind myself of my “why”- and having huge muscles without good movement will not help me be able to run around with our kids and (hopefully someday) our grandkids.

It is always good to evaluate where you are compared with where you want to be. If you are off course, just make some adjustments and listen to your body.

What is your why? Why do you want to get healthier and more fit?

Define it. Write it down. Share it with some friends and family- people who will support you.

Think about your goals and believe that you can achieve them, because with consistency and the right approach you can achieve great things.

In Strength,


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