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Male Client Smiling

“I have been training with Chris for two years. As a result of his expertise and excellent motivational skills, I have seen significant changes in my body. and fitness level. My husband always says, "Chris has helped you transform your body, you have a V now from your shoulders to your waist". As a result of our joint commitment, I have improved my strength, cardio, balance/flexibility AND made a great friend. So if you are looking to change your fitness level, I highly recommend Chris.” 


Happy Client Smiling

I was going through a huge change in my life at 45. My physical and mental health were both very unbalanced. The most logical step forward seemed to be to “start working out!” But, what the heck does that mean?

Working out with Chris Atkins means, getting healthy; physically, mentally and emotionally. Chris is more than a trainer, he’s a great communicator, a great listener and is sincere in all aspects of our “training partnership.” 

Chris has made such a positive impact in my life because he cares and his efforts are selfless. He continues to challenge me both physically and mentally, but always at the right pace and the right amount of honesty. 

I choose to do push-ups with Chris Atkins, my training partner and support. 

Thanks Chris! 


   “Based on my wife’s suggestion, I began working-out with Chris nine months ago after being diagnosed with a neurological disorder that affected my leg coordination and muscle strength. He has done a great job of recommending exercises tailored to my needs to improve my balance and strength. My workouts provide variety and are always challenging without risking excess strain or injury. He comes to our sessions with an upbeat attitude and provides sincere encouragement to keep me going. My workouts with Chris have become a key element in the strategy to enable me to cope with my health issues.”



“I've been working out multiple times a week with Chris since late July. I can say, without a doubt that I have seen significant gains in a few short months. He always changes workouts up, so you aren't doing the same thing every week, he has a lot of knowledge about health and fitness and he provides sage wisdom (if you are looking for it).

I always thought having a trainer would be too costly and I could get similar results on my own. I can honestly say, the money I am spending with Chris is totally worth it and not nearly as expensive as I thought it would be. It is obvious that he cares about his clients and does not apply a "one size fits all" approach to personal training.”

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Client Smiling on Hiking Trail

“I’ve been working out with Chris for almost a year, but didn’t get serious about it until six months ago. His style of training allows me to work at my own pace while still being held accountable and seeing significant improvement. He can always tell when I need to be challenged and does so in a way that makes me laugh mid-exercise.


As a result, I’ve lost 35lbs, have significantly more energy, and am stronger than ever. If you want to actually look forward to going to the gym and get results, Chris is your guy!”


“Before seeing Chris, I thought I didn’t need help. I was a healthy, 29 year old that worked out six times a week for an hour. I was “in shape”. Turns out, I couldn’t be further from the truth. After working with Chris for only three weeks, he has drastically increased not only my physical strength, but my mental toughness as well.


My pushup count has increased by over 35%. This comes with seeing him exclusively two days a week and not working out any more. More over, he has pushed me mentally, allowing to do most timed strength activities three times longer than what I was doing on my own. 

His workouts continue to change and challenge me, and his creativity of the workouts makes me excited to see and feel what's next. 
Chris has sharpened my mind and increased my physical attributes more than I could imagine. I can’t thank him enough, and would encourage anyone of any fitness level to begin with him. He is truly the best!”

Chris G.

Older male client wearing race medal

"I have been working out with Chris over several weeks now and and finding his knowledge, skill in working with me as a person, and personal encouragement to be quite profound."

Dave H.

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